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Pork Chops on the rise in restaurants across the country!

Will the pork chop sandwich dethrone the chicken sandwich as a top menu option in the near future?

According to this 2023 report from Technomic, pork chops may be king soon enough!

-“Fastest-Growing Ingredients” – Pork Chops โ€“ 33.3% increase (a.)

-“Fastest-Growing Lunch/Dinner Dishes” – Pork Chops – 42.9% year-over-year growth (b.)

Pork chops growing at a 33.3% pace year-over-year for the top 500 chains is a very noticeable increase. As beef prices continue to rise, we believe that the pork chop would be a great addition to most menus to give diners another more affordable option. If you’re looking for a great recipe to try out in your operation, check out our BBQ pork chop sandwich recipe here!ย 

We think this is only the beginning of the rise of the pork chop on menus across the USA. If you’re ready to add the best pork chops to your menu, you know who to call! Contact us here or give us a call, we would love to talk chops with you.


Fastest Growing Ingredients chart showing pork chops increasing 33.3% at top restaurant chains across the countryInformation table showing pork chops ranking second as the highest growing ingredient used in menu items in the USA

a. Source: Technomic Ignite Menu data, Q3 2021-Q3 2022

b. Source Technomic Ignite Menu; Base: 16,176 menu items across 209 operators with five-year historical menus in Q4 2021-Q4 2022


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