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Cut Costs, Not Meat — How CMA-Trimmed Briskets Save Money


With temperatures heating up around the country, restaurateurs and consumers alike are eager to dig into their warm-weather favorites- and nothing says summer quite like barbeque briskets!

For those looking to add value and cut costs in their kitchens, Chicago Meat Authority’s BBQ-Trim Briskets can revolutionize your kitchen prep.  This product is trimmed to an ideal specification for those looking to smoke briskets.  Rub, smoke, slice, and serve….no trimming required.

Commodity briskets typically yield around 50% usable product after trimming and smoking.  CMA’s product has a 75% yield.

How far can that extra 25% go?  One multi-unit establishment in the Midwest found that higher yields lead a need for fewer cases of product ordered.  This decision to move from a commodity product to a pre-trimmed one allowed them to save over $150,000 a year– and that’s without factoring in the savings on labor and kitchen waste.

Providing delicious protein options that also improve efficiency is a win-win for everyone!  At CMA, we are proud to partner with businesses nationwide to provide value and innovation to the Center of the Plate.


For more information, check us out at chicagomeat.com or contact us directly by emailing marketing@chicagomeat.com.  We’d love to “meat” you.

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