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CMA Shows TV Viewers We’ve Got the Beef


In May, CMA was featured on television shows explaining how our raw products make the best entrees for a delightful feast. Our corporate chef cooked ribs on the CBS affiliate in Memphis during the World Championship Barbecue Cooking Contest. Mark Kroplewski gave tips on cooking ribs for a party, how best to make ribs taste like they came out of a smoker and shared his recipe for a rub that can be used in many grilling applications and is the key to making a delicious pulled pork. Here’s the link to his tutorial ChefMarkcooksribs. Chicago’s Best did a show called “Making the Italian Beef Sandwich” for WGN TV that featured one of our expert butchers, Sergio Uribe, cutting bottom round flats while Charlie Kiolbasa, our director of business development, discussed the history of the iconic sandwich and how our meat makes it one of those craveable, Chicago delicacies. Watch as he takes the host through our plant and Sergio shows her and the viewers how we do what we do so well. Here’s the link, but we warn you it will make you want the sandwich. Watch as CMAtalksbeef.

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