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Beef Ranch Steak

Morning, noon and night, this tender boneless “Beef Ranch Steak” will raise eyebrows and taste buds as never before. Why serve a me-too chicken sandwich when you can wow them with steak? A great choice for steak’n’eggs, this Beef Ranch Steak is equally at home on a bed of rice or pasta. A cut above, CMA Beef Ranch Steaks are lean and tender, value priced, yet full-flavored products. Designed to compete head-to-head with the best cuts! Made from premium USDA Choice grain-fed beef, Beef Ranch Steaks will run neck and neck in popularity and versatility with the chicken breast filet. Available in convenient IQF portion sizes, Beef Ranch Steaks meet the needs of busy consumers and foodservice chefs by being quick and easy to prepare…and so versatile. Grill it, pan fry it, broil or oven-cook it. You name it, it will be ready to eat in less than ten minutes. Anything you can do with chicken, you can do better with a Beef Ranch Steak!

Additional Information


  • Unique and versatile USDA Choice Beef Steak
  • Great price point for a USDA Choice Beef Steak
  • Marinated
  • Individually quick frozen and layer packed in poly-lined boxes


  • Many potential menu items from one box
  • Add a great USDA Choice steak to their menu at a low portion cost
  • Great taste and ensure tenderness

Cooking Methods

  • Grill
  • Roast
  • Pan-Fry
  • Broil
Beef Ranch Steak Raw

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