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Choice Ranch Steak Strips
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Beef Ranch Steak Strips

Lean and low cost, with all the satisfying flavor of beef. Preparation couldn’t be easier! Grill, pan fry, broil or cook in your favorite recipe…slice and chill for incredible salads. These beef breast strips hold their mouth-watering goodness, even with longer cooking times. A cut above, the CMA Beef Breast Strips are lean and tender, value priced, yet full-flavored products. Made from premium USDA Choice grain-fed beef, CMA Beef Breast Strips are easy to introduce with your favorite ethnic or American beef recipe. Available in IQF strips, Beef Breast Strips meet the needs of busy consumers and foodservice chefs by being quick and easy to prepare…and so versatile. You name it, it will be ready to eat in less than ten minutes. Serve it morning, noon and night!

Additional Information


  • Same great taste as our USDA Choice Beef Ranch Steak
  • Marinated


  • Use in wraps, soups, salads and many other recipe ideas

Cooking Methods

  • Roast
  • Stew
  • Sauté
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