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Pork Chops 101

A guide for your pork chop needs!

A pork chop is not as simple of a cut as you might have thought! There are many different types of pork chops, cut from many different parts of the pig. Depending on what cut you buy, your cook time, tenderness and dish application can vary greatly!

The names of these chops vary depending on region and personal upbringing; e.g. sirloin chops are sometimes referred to as sirloin steaks and shoulder chops as blade chops.

  1. Sirloin Chop
  2. Boneless Chop
  3. Loin Chop
  4. Rib Chop
  5. Shoulder Chop

A couple tips:

Sirloin Chops have multiple muscles within the cut, therefore the cook time varies within this chop. For best results, this cut should be slow-cooked, or braised.

Rib Chops are quite lean, these need to be cooked quickly in order to keep the chops moist and tender.

Loin Chops are similar to Sirloin Chops, where there are multiple muscles present. However, cook this relatively-lean cut on a grill, sear-roast or broil – and be careful to not overcook them.

Shoulder Chops have a fair amount of fat, which can withstand very slow cooking – with ample amounts of moisture.

And finally, don’t hesitate to brine pork chops!

Check out some of our pork chop products on this POS sheet below:

Whole Pork Loin Point-of-Sale Sheet




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